Raceday 3D

This was the first computer project I ever created - my "hello world".

Back in 2007, I was just learning various crafts required to create games - computer programming, 3D modeling, game design, etc. This was the result of my studies - a basic racing simulation game with a couple of cars and tracks.


This was a game concept I had back in 2007. Think of a first-person shooter, but the battle is between a fictional alien race with abnormally long arms and the primary weapon is... slapping.

Unfortunately, the realization never got further than some experiments with Quake maps and the Irrlicht game engine.

Fortunately, this process allowed me to learn more about computer programming - in particular the C++ language. And working on the concept/story itself was very enjoyable.


This is, without a doubt, my most significant project. It started as a hobby Linux distribution, it evolved into a concept for the next-generation desktop operating system designed to bring new life into the PC experience by fixing the common problems: viruses, crashes, poor user interfaces, etc.

In place of the boring folder-file structure, Linvo introduces a set of built-in applications, each one best designed to handle a specific type of data (e.g. pictures, music, video). Each application has seamless integration with cloud services. This allows you to manage your digital life with much less cognitive overhead.

You can follow the project's progress here. What you see below are 2 of the completed built-in applications and the installer.


This is a calendar app for Android. I created in response to the generally bad UI/UX design of Android apps in comparison to iPhone. The user interface focuses on minimalism and ease of use.

You can get it for free here and the full version here.


This mobile application is a very simple LastFm client that allows you to review your music listening habits.

The primary motivation here was learning more about graphic design and typography. You can get it here.


This was an experimental bloging platform I created back in 2012.

The primary concept was to intelligently suggest content based on your interests, which you can then re-post/comment on. You could also bookmark ("like") any page on the internet through expressive, which would also help build your interests profile, resulting in more intelligent suggestions.

Ultimately, expressive combined the power of a news reader, a blogging platform, and bookmarking to connect people.


Uspehite (cyrillic: "Успехите") was a Bulgarian start-up.

The main idea behind it was to motivate and inspire the Bulgarian nation. The website included positive news and interviews with young talents and Bulgarian people who made it big on an international scale.

My position there was as an lead developer. We won two awards at BGsite (startup, social cause).

The picture below shows the team, from left to right: Me, Iva, Dimo.

Linvo Cinematic

This will ultimately be a part of Linvo, but will initially be released (May 2013) as a stand alone product.

It is a video player which will automatically organize your entire collection of TV shows, movies and videos. Cinematic will also synchronize your collection across all devices linked to your Linvo account.

Besides, Cinematic will make intelligent recommendations for TV shows/movies you might want to see, based on whatever you already have in your collection. It will also notify you for new episodes of your favourite TV shows and new movies by your favourite directors.

But most importantly, Cinematic will allow you to watch any TV series/movie instantly without download through a new P2P streaming technology.